Expansion into China - A webinar series hosted by Koehler Group - empfohlen von ACBA

March 9-22, 2016  Online


Koehler Group is pleased to announce its Expansion into China Webinar Series from March 9th to 22nd 2016. Together with Koehler Group's China Alliance we will be formulating webinars on the pertinent issues that small-to-medium sized, privately owned companies as well multinational corporations must focus on when entering and/or operating in the Chinese market. If you are interested in joining in the Series, please find below the topics of the various webinar sessions and a link to register for them. 

  • Opportunities in China – Selling to the Chinese Consumer
  • An inside track to importing goods into China – in collaboration with Mr. Andy Clayton from LNP China
  • Establishing a Legal Presence in China
  • Joint Venture Agreements in China – in collaboration with Mr. Steve Yu from Armstrong Teasdale
  • China Corporate Compliance – Updates and Tips for Securing one’s China Investment
  • Accounting and Tax System in China
  • Trade Finance - How can I manage and finance my international trade activities – in collaboration with Susanne Moskob and Daniel Wu from Commerzbank Transaction Services China
  • China Labor Practices – legal, tax and insurance issues - a step by step approach
  • Surviving the downturn – how to prepare and steer your organization proactively – in collaboration with Mr. Johannes Görmer from PRO:AKTIV® Management Asia Ltd.
  • Deadlines for Annual Compliance and Audit in Chin

For registration to the complimentary webinars and for detailed information on the topics, click here.


Please note that only registrants of the webinars will receive the presentations and recordings (if agreed on by our speakers) and that space is limited! We look forward to seeing you there!