Webinar series: Expansion into China - empfohlen von ACBA

Koehler Group is pleased to announce its Expansion into China Webinar Series. Together with Koehler Group’s China Alliance we will be formulating webinars on the pertinent issues that SME’s must focus on when entering and/or operating in the China market.

Here below you will find the topics, dates and times of the webinars:

Link for registration
 23.06.2015 (11:00 CEST)  The importance of brand communication and creating the appropriate sales model for B2B businesses in China Registration
 24.06.2015 (11:00 CEST) How to reach the Chinese Consumer - online marketing guideline for Companies Registration
(11:00 CEST)
How to deal with Certifications (CCC), Registrations (CFDA) and Manufacturer Licenses (SELO) for the Chines market successfully? Registration
(11:00 CEST)
Intellectual Property Law - How should I protect my brand in China Registration
(11:00 CEST)
Banking in China - How can I finance my business and operate my account from abroad Registration
(11:00 CEST)

Incorporating an Entity in China – Legal Considerations Registration
(11:00 CEST)
Location, Location, Location - The key to finding the right office space in China Registration
(11:00 CEST)
China – is it a hardship post? A comparison of expat infrastructure between 1st and 2nd/3rd tier destinations Registration
(11:00 CEST)
Tax Planning - The importance of Transfer Pricing & Tax for companies expanding into China Registration
(11:00 CEST)
Accounting & Tax System in China Registration
(11:00 CEST)
Employment in China - Legal, Visa, Tax Registration