Koehler Group September Webinar - empfohlen von ACBA

"Representative Offices versus Limited Companies - What is the better structure for you?"

The changes in the Representative Office (RO) regulations have altered the operational and financial effectiveness of using ROs in China. In China, over 50% of all foreign investors use the vehicle of ROs to be operational, but in light of the new regulations many have been forced to close down and operate as Limited Liability Companies. In addition it can be seen that in the future ROs, being formerly a cheap way to setup a China presence is going to end. In summary the changes include, an increased tax burden which cannot be offset, restrictions on activities, restrictions on employees and more government maintenance procedures on an annual basis. 


A foreign investor has solutions in this regard, in terms of establishing a legal presence in the form of a Limited Liability Company, which can have the business scope related to trade, manufacturing and/or services. In this Webinar we would like to highlight the differences between a Rep Office and a Limited Liability Company to show how they can be advantageous to foreign investors.


Wednesday, 17th @ 1 pm – Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai – For registration, please click here


Wednesday, 24th @ 7 pm – Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai – For registration, please click here